6th ISBMUN Conference



Meet Roshni Korlekar, co-chairperson of UNBF. Being humble, ever-loving, and empathetic she grows instant positivity in everyone and everybody. Her sunshine-like persona plants a smile on anyone with her presence alone. She is ardent on giving to others and effects quite that by assisting the budding orators with her position. Having previously undertaken numerous leadership positions such as being the Student Editor, and House Captain, Roshni proves to be no slouch when it comes to persevering in the face of tremendous responsibility. She is fond of gardening, reading, and writing. She’s zealous about singing and is usually found humming a tune day and night. She was always exposed to public speaking, which induced a glimmer in her, and she feels it is the road to give voice to her beliefs. Not one to shy away from a platform to exhibit her talent, Roshni has won multitudinous awards in inter-school debates, speeches, poetry, singing and many more. MUNs are home to her, where she belongs, where she shines. Her cheerful spirit will live to be a strength to the triumph of the forthcoming event.


Cheerful and outgoing, Chakradhara Chowdary is one of the chairs for the United Nations Board of Futurism. His first conference, he recalls, was a pretty exhilarating, yet terrifying experience. The young and inexperienced Chakradhara was intimidated by all the other speakers present. But he has since come a long way; persistently improving his skills as both a speaker and a leader, he is determined to get even better. He implores the delegates this year to engage with each other and speak up as much as possible, and to also do adequate research.Not just good at public speaking, Chakradhara has also been a part of his school’s athletic team since 2017, and is also fascinated by astrology; he sees himself working as an astrophysicist in the future, which happens to be his dream job.
He looks forward to the discourse that will take place on time travel and bio hacking, as these are topics that have existed for a while and as such, he hopes the delegates have fruitful debates on these topics.