6th ISBMUN Conference



With a strong sense of judgement, creativity and pragmatic skills, we have Gauri Dhiman, chairperson of African Union. She’s deeply passionate about bringing a change to the world, philanthropy and business. She aims to incorporate the route of business to help the distressed and underprivileged through entrepreneurship. Her endless hobbies include dancing, playing chess, reading books, basketball, squash, learning Spanish and Arabic and public speaking among many others. She’s adamant and firm on achieving her goals under any given circumstance. She has won countless awards in street play, dramatics, dance, debates, speeches and elocutions. Being an extremely experienced orator with a whopping 32 experiences, tackling problems with ease and  knowledge about issues outline her abilities as a chairperson.


A chairperson needs to be calm, composed and a guiding force for the rest of the council.  Bearing quite that we have Mohammed Abbas Rizvi, chairperson of African Union. Despite his humble demeanor, the raconteur gives off a confident aura with his definite opinions voiced with strength and dependability. His hobbies are playing chess matches, learning Italian and practicing cricket. He’s a firm individual, unbothered about criticism, someone who seems to enjoy life and savor every moment of his life. MUN is his channel to showcase his usually concealed energy. His skills at being a good communicator and ability to cook up an enjoyable atmosphere will enable him to be the ideal chair for his council, The African Union.