6th ISBMUN Conference

Pavan_ISBMUN Image.jpeg


Pavan Sundhar is a pragmatic, empathetic and a quick learner when it comes to public speaking who has a taste for research and task management. He’s an orator deeply passionate about World Politics and economics who enjoys reading about them and watching documentaries. Being the brave, opinionated, vociferous controversialist he’s he fantasizes to one day take the head of the highest office, that of the Prime Minister. His talent fetched him numerous positions of former prefect of student council for 3 years, former VP of bagels club, former organizing committee and chairing experience of three years. Chairing the International Olympic Committee has been a beautiful choice of his due to his interest in exploring the inner workings of the administration. He hopes to pass on his empathy, passion and bravery to the delegates he will be chairing.


Optimistic, versatile and adventurous is Harshini Ramasubramaniam, chairperson of International Olympic Committee. A three time gold medalist of clusters, national athlete and the perfect elocutionist. “When you give happiness to others, you are the happiest person in the moment”, says the 12th grader. With this belief she strives to evolve into a doctor who takes away pain and suffering while furnishing a flicker of light each time. This all rounder possesses hobbies such as running, basketball, rock climbing, traveling, art, criminal documentaries, cooking and modeling. Her four years of experience with 7 MUNs have metamorphosed her then extremely nervous young self to the confident spokeswoman who’s ready to pass on her experience as both a debater and an active athlete to the budding orators she’ll be chairing in her well allocated Olympic Committee.