5th ISBMUN Conference




Day 1 : Promoting Women’s Leadership and Political Representation 

The world has seen a significant improvement in the treatment of women and children of the female sex over the centuries, yet there is always room for improvement. The representation of women in politics, leadership, and the governance of the world in general, cannot be commended heartily, although it has notably become better. Women all over the globe are still severely underrepresented in matters concerning the governance, and even voting. This problem is not restricted only to matters of national jurisdiction, but also civil service, academia, legislation, and the like. In the 21st century, this issue of underrepresentation is widely recognized, and movements in support of empowering women in such areas have gained widespread Traction, yet there is a distinct lack of action taken and enforcement of rules and regulations made and modified to empower the situation of women in national legislation remains to be seen clearly all across the globe. It doesn’t help that the odds are stacked against women in terms of education, job opportunities, and more, from the moment they are born. Whether a women is born in a bustling metropolitan city to a family of high social standing, or to family in a rural area with very less chances to break away from the conditions they are born in to a family with low social standing, we can say with full confidence that they will be subject to more scrutiny and will get less chances to be in positions of authority than if they were of the opposite gender. There must be clear-cut action taken and this multifaceted issue must be discussed by the members of the council in order to resolve one of the most pressing issues the world faces today. 

Day 2 : Gender Disparity in Health and Nutrition 

Disparities in the way people are treated in relation to health and nutrition due to their gender has been a protracted issue, that is not really realized by the common man. This disparity is of serious concern, and in some cases may even be life-threatening. Multitudes of cases where women haven’t been believed by their doctors and have subsequently received wrong diagnoses are present, yet they are not brought to mainstream attention, and therefore haven’t seen any support in the form of legal measures. Health needs are substantially greater among women than among men, reports have found, yet we have seen uncountable unjust acts like the legislators of a country deciding upon the laws pertaining to a women’s health and choice. 

Atrocities like, and the heinous acts of genital mutilation widespread in third world countries, and rural areas are still unknown by the majority of the world. It is crucial for light to be thrown on these grave issues in order for the nation leaders to be held accountable for the disappointing lack of improvement in the situation that their respective nation faces. The council must work together in this aspect, recognize the pressing questions to be asked and answered, and must bring about resolutions to be administered in order to improve conditions for women all around the globe.


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