6th ISBMUN Conference



The zeal and vigor to try out something new and adventurous is what made Nishanth Shet, co-chairperson of Lok Sabha, attend his first MUN. He remembers being a very shy and intrigued delegate, and was nervous, thinking that the other delegates would laugh at him. But he has come a long from then, and now has 12 MUN experiences under his belt. His humility, optimism, loyalty, compassion, and versatility are what sets him apart. He is also someone is adventurous and has the ability to socialize easily with everyone. Nishanth is very respectful of others’ ideologies and sentiments and is very organized and responsible. When asked about what makes him stand out in a crowd, he answered that it is his work ethic and the experiences he brings to a team. He considers himself to be a team player, someone who is very tolerating and helpful, and is also a perfectionist. Nishanth’s ambition in life is to get into the Indian Civil Services with a background in engineering. He loves travelling, and had a deep interest in politics, foreign diplomacy, and human and animal rights. From his large variety of hobbies, ranging from boxing, swimming, table tennis and cricket to playing the piano and guitar, and graphic designing, we can see that he is dynamic and versatile. Nishanth doesn’t believe that he has a superpower. He says that “I'm of the thought that no one can destroy iron, but its own rust can. Likewise, no one can destroy a person, but his own mindset can. if you have a firm mindset, no superpower is required”. These are truly wise words to live by. He is very intelligent and hardworking, as seen from his long list of achievements like being an Academic Excellence Topper, Shastra Pratibha winner, ACER-IBT Topper, and awards in numerous quizzes and competitions conducted by various organizations.


Ritika Anoop, co-chair of Lok Sabha, is an optimistic, fun-loving, and confident individual. She is a someone who can be the calmest and at the same time the weirdest one in the room. Her energetic and lively personality, and her good sense of humor is what makes her stand out in a crowd. Ritika is a joyful, cheerful person, and can make others feel good when they are down. She believes that this is her biggest superpower. She prides herself on being a humble, down to earth, and straightforward person. Street racing is something that Ritika is really passionate about and is something she would like to do in the future. She considers herself a car person and lives for the thrill and the adrenaline rush. Her biggest hobbies are listening to Lana Del Ray and arguing with her brother. Being an excellent speaker and a creative person, she has won numerous awards in the fields of public speaking, poetry writing, trivia, and debates. She jokingly says that her biggest ambition is to become an ice cream truck driver, as they get all the ice cream and the money. Like many others, the different varieties of food served at an ISBMUN is the only reason she signed up for her very first conference. During her first MUN, she recalls being awkward and introverted, and was scared that she might be picked on to speak. But she ended up having a wonderful learning experience.