6th ISBMUN Conference

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A bachelor of defense studies at the University of Ljubljana, Bor reached into the field of economy currently finishing his second year at the Moscow State University. An avid follower of international politics for many years, MUNs are a perfect fit. He has always strived on representing his country faithfully and defending his position with passion and fervor. After participating as a delegate at various national and international MUN conferences, chairing has become a new passion of his. Taking great interest both in recent events and history, you will never run out of topics to discuss with him. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, listening to music, and enjoying Russian culture.


The ever-vibrant Sana Asraf, co-chair of IAEA, is many things – thoughtful, loyal, persistent, grounded, smart, and hardworking. She is a good leader, a fast learner, and has the ability to function remarkably under pressure. When she walks into a crowd, it is her sophistication, elegance, and good taste in fashion that catches everyone’s eye. Sana is someone who is constantly learning and loves to read and explore new things. She is enthusiastic about quantum physics, physics, astronomy, philosophy, books, harry potter, and women's rights. Friends would describe her as “excruciatingly geeky, stubborn, bossy, smart, preppy, mysterious, confident,” and as “a force to be reckoned with”. She believes that giving good advice is her biggest superpower, even though she is always reluctant to listen to her own advice. When she takes a glance through her future, she sees herself living independently in NYC along with her three cats. Sana spends her time reading, writing, making sad playlists, researching about topics that interests her, making google docs, and rewriting songs. She has been in many leadership positions, and has won awards for speaking, debates and literary activities, and astronomy seminars. One day, she heard her English teacher talking about MUN in the class, and that’s how she signed up for it. During her first conference, she was nervous and very unprepared, and had to write her opening speech on the way to the venue. Still, she had a lot of fun, and tried everything to come off as confident.