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With an impressive total of 8 MUN experiences, Gauri Dhiman is all set to give her best at chairing her third. Combined with her zeal for debating and sincere diligence, her initial jittery steps into the world of MUN, helped her develop into a responsible, purposeful, and experienced individual over the years. An obvious leader, she has chaired many MUNs, where her unprejudiced judgement and gentle guidance saw their results in the excellent performance of her delegates.With talents shining in various other areas including dance, music, and sports, she also aspires to conquer her dreams of entrepreneurship and philanthropy one day.



Vibrant, witty and strong willed is the Under Secretary of Public Relations, Salvia Sany. She is known to be unapologetic, charismatic and confident, someone who is always ready to conquer what she wants. Her friends describe her as someone who is passionate about the things and people she cares about. She believes that the MUN along with the people who she worked with, all hold a small part in shaping her personality. She takes great delight in reading, singing and even knitting, like a true cat-lady. 

When asked what makes MUN special to her, she answered, “When I finally had the opportunity to use my voice for something good, I didn’t hold back. There is still a lot for me to learn in this ongoing journey and I am always excited for the memories that are created. Sometimes we are scared to raise our voices, to talk about issues we think are wrong; but knowing that my voice contributes to making this world a better place pushes me to attend ISBMUN every single year."

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With 8 delegating experiences under her belt, Vipra Agrawal, armed with her skills in leadership, management, and objective judgement, is ready to tackle her first attempt at chairing. Her fascination and respect for a committee that brings together different countries and perspectives, led her into the world of MUN and she never looked back. She hopes to ensure an educational, enjoyable, and equitably inclusive experience for all the delegates that
are brimming with different ideas and solutions. With an endless passion for music and learning, one can also find her playing with musical instruments and tuning in on TedTalks when she isn’t relenting to the ever-tempting guilty pleasure that Netflix offers.



An avid learner in the ways of the world and adamant to make a difference, Suraj Sajeevan has the brilliant makings of not only a chair in the MUN but possibly one day, a delegate in the UN. He first enrolled for MUN to fuel his love for data collection and implementation but
soon realized there was so much more to it and couldn’t wait to return next year. ”The world’s immense development is  only possible because of the differences in the way we think,”, he says, “so whether you’re right or wrong, you’ve got yourself involved in the change”.
His interest lies in the field of aeronautical engineering as he calls himself an ‘aviation geek’ and can’t stand the word ‘aeroplane’

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Her happy-go-lucky personality, eloquence and ability to empathize with the people around her is what made Mrunmai Vinay Wakade an excellent candidate and now chairperson. She
can think on her feet and her interests are anything but stagnant; she loves to perform- be it in a play or in a talent show singing her heart out, and with an avid attraction to psychology and the intricate workings of the mind, she campaigns for mental health awareness and works to one day be a child psychiatrist. When asked what her most memorable experience in an MUN was she replied, “My first experience as a chair was fascinating as I got to witness my delegates shine with their own



Though initially not fond of stepping out of his comfort zone, he followed his sister’s advice and broadened his horizon by joining MUN. Adhip Koshy has come a long way since then and now holds the position of Under Secretary of Training with pride . MUN for him has always been a convenient tool to meet new people and to learn more about the world. He enjoys the thrill and the adrenaline rush that comes along with being able to make his point clear without any trace of fear in spite of the nerves, and to come across as clear-minded and confident. Whilst talking about crucial problems about the world continuously enlightens him, debating about them enhances his courage. Self titled “sleepaholic”, Adhip also enjoys spending his time on YouTube.

 “Be open and interactive with fellow delegates even before the council begins,” he advises, “So you have a rough idea about your potential allies or people to look out for.”

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Bala Srivatsav, the Secretariat Member of ISBMUN 2020, joined MUN out of mere curiosity and the excellent food reviews. He describes MUN as an experience with a learning curve, whatever role one plays in it. Being a debate lover, he enjoys the appeal and the free-spirited nature of the MUN council despite being under tremendous pressure and responsibility. He has proved himself to be one of the best pillars of the ISBMUN 2020 Admin Team.

On the importance of an MUN he says, “At some point or the other, situations force one to speak without being prepared, And MUN is just the right place to enhance one’s speaking skills and improve one’s ability towards social interactions”.



Always sincere and never still in her activities, Nakshatra Gopi is a well rounded and open minded person with awareness in almost any topic that is put in front of her. Always learning and applying her knowledge skillfully so as to prove herself right but with humility, she was easily one of the top candidates for the position of chairperson. She strives to think uniquely and out of the box because she knows the world needs more leaders not followers. She is passionate about a wide range of subjects but the goal she works for the most is to one day lend her voice to the voiceless and fight against injustices to make the world a better place.

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Headstrong, hardworking and effervescent, Arun Kumar upholds the title of Head of Finance with an undying passion in tallying out endless balance sheets. With many MUN experiences under his belt, he proves to be a born leader and an even more enthralling speaker. When taking a break from crunching numbers, he takes pleasure in composing music and playing cricket. Always beaming ear-to-ear and cracking jokes, his easy-going personality wins the hearts of many. He recalls his initial MUN experience as nerve-wracking but soon found himself looking forward to it every year.

As an esteemed member of the Admin Team of ISBMUN 2020 he advises, “The fundamental step in MUN is to never back down and quit. Follow your gut and immerse yourself in the captivating experience of debating and facing any obstacle head-on."



Extremely well versed in the working of an MUN, Joel James Karikkandathil was not a difficult candidate to choose for the position of chair. With 25+ MUN experiences under his belt, it's safe  to say that his expertise on various aspects of MUN is immense,and he hopes to pass down his wisdom and knowledge to his delegates as a chair. His passions spread widely over different subjects as he aspires to succeed in the field of Computer Forensics and Ethical
When asked about the attributes of a good chair, he responded swiftly, “A chair guides his delegates into being future diplomats and I hope to achieve that with my council through the knowledge from  my experience”.

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When his seniors recommended the platform of MUN to socialize, educate himself and hone his speaking skills, Arun Jose Kurian was immediately on board. His journey which started with him testing the waters as a tentative delegate has now led him to the forefront of the action as the Head of Crisis. It is reassuring to see that this shifting of duties hasn’t meddled with his passion for debating which he still finds to be the most exciting part of the whole affair. A man of many hobbies, he also enjoys photography, web designing, reading, and listening to music.

When asked about what he takes away from an MUN he says, ”MUN teaches us a lot, ranging from diplomacy to critical thinking. It allows one to recognize and polish skills that they didn’t even know had been lying dormant in them, waiting to be prodded awake.”



First coerced into MUN by her seniors with the offer of a new platform to exercise her public speaking skills and the availability of good food, Nanditha Dileep now finds a home in MUN
to nurture her love of politics and international relations. An avid debater, she has already taken part in a grand total of 8 MUNs and is rendering her services as a chair for the third
time. Her wide expanse of knowledge about the world and love for interacting with its people ensure a well-rounded experience for all those delegating in her committee. She also harbors a deep passion for music, experimenting with different vocal styles and playing the keyboard, guitar, and ukulele.

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Undoubtedly, to Chris Jose, the Under Secretary of Procedure , his love for MUN began at a very young age. With numerous MUN experiences under his belt, he takes immense satisfaction in debating and researching on topics of global concern. Cooperative, intellectual and strong-willed- he is always eager to help other delegates face their own MUN experiences. An ardent technophile, he spends most of his time browsing the latest gadgets in the market or playing guitar. 

When asked about what it is like being the Under Secretary of Procedure, he says, “I always find myself learning new things everyday. Working along with 14 of my other team members has allowed me to explore aspects of myself I never knew existed. It’s thrilling to work for something I have always held dear to my heart.”



Jyothi Krishnan, holding the strenuous position of Student Director of Research and Training, is a witty, committed and bubbly individual. She possesses a unique ability to organize and stay committed to her work. She recalls attending her first MUN with the support of her friends and the advice of her seniors. Her fearless attitude had snagged her an award at her very first attempt at delegacy. It comes as no surprise to her peers that she has received this hard-earned position. Her precise knowledge and quick-witted tongue often leave people speechless. She enjoys riding horses and has tried her hand at karate, having earned a black belt.

 "Practice makes perfect is an old but very accurate saying," she says. "The sky's the limit, so what's stopping you?  Keep going as far as you can. Pair your courage and adrenaline to sell your points across and earn yourself a great MUN experience."

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Aksa Abraham, the Under-Secretary of Research is witty, stern and has a knack for bringing new ideas to the table. She is also described by her peers as friendly yet quick-tempered. Perfect at coming up with new councils and delving deeper into the current global issues of the world, she proves herself to be the perfect candidate for her role in the Admin Team. She finds herself singing, playing the violin or reading, and admits that her hobbies are multitudinous in nature. 

When asked about her MUN experience, she recalls,"The whole idea of finding solutions to global issues and making future generations more aware of the growing problems in our contemporary world makes MUN very special to me. MUN found a part of me that was always intrigued in digging deeper into issues that went unnoticed. To be able to express myself in such a platform gave me immense thrill. I found myself looking forward to the experience every year.”



Reliable and one of the most trustworthy members of the Admin Team is Anuja Suresh, the Head of Hospitality of ISBMUN 2020. Vibrant and assertive, she is known by her peers for her optimistic personality. Though introverted at heart, she pushes herself to new challenges to conquer her inner fears. She is always eager and does her tasks with perfection. She regards MUN as an excellent platform to hone one's leadership skills and bring life to their inner ideas. Frequently found with a book in her hand and a new fandom to indulge in, she harbors a passion for comics and drawing characters on the margins of her notebooks. She advises the upcoming delegates to not hold themselves back in spite of the nervousness and anxiety, and to express their opinions that might be the key to solving the issues of the council.

Looking back on her MUN experience she says,  “It felt liberating to do something that used to be so out of my comfort zone. Even though the idea of joining an MUN still sounds daunting to me, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

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