6th ISBMUN Conference

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Secretary General

Ingenious in her ideas and relentless in her efforts, Jyothi Krishnan, Secretary-General of ISBMUN 2021, is a force to be reckoned with. A multifaceted individual, she has proven her worth in erudition to sport and everything in between, a black belt in karate being just one of many impressive achievements.  In her free time, she can often be found swinging her racquet on the badminton court or horse riding, two of her favourite pastimes. Not one to cower from a challenge, her fearless attitude helped her earn an award at her very first conference. Described by her peers as a witty, committed, and spirited soul, her affectionate side, however, shows through in her love for all creatures, from majestic equi to tiny hatchlings and stray kittens. A dual programme completer in Kumon at just 14 years, her precise observations and quick-witted tongue often leave those around her speechless. With an inclination towards storytelling and an embedded passion for public speaking, Jyothi has made her mark at numerous MUN conferences, excelling at all roles. "Practice makes perfect is an old but very accurate saying," she says, and indeed it is, the fruits of toil evident in her success.


Deputy Secretary General

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Bala Srivatsav Yerramilli, Deputy Secretary-General of ISBMUN 2021, is a workaholic like no other. Known for being steadfast and dedicated, his ever-inquisitive nature and his thirst for knowledge empower him to continuously strive for improvement in all aspects. Shy, intrigued, and apprehensive before his first conference, he remarkably ended up winning the best delegate award and hasn't looked back ever since. An abstruse omnivert, Bala can usually be found at or in the centre of debates ranging from poetry to philosophy or tucked away in a corner with his head in novels and newspapers. Renowned among those who know him for his ability to adapt to any situation, his peers describe him as a charismatic, creative, and passionate human being. An avid epistemophiliac, his resourcefulness, out-of-box thinking and his ability to listen to and understand others, along with his sense of individuality and confidence, make him stand out in a crowd. He strives to leave an impact, inspire and be extraordinary—the drive to have every person he meets along the way remember him and benefit from his presence thrills him. A highly imaginative intellectual, Bala has a wide variety of talents and hobbies - singing, speaking, writing, chess, quizzing and many more. His most notable achievements include being an ACER-IBT English Global Topper, an Aryabhata Ganit Challenge Winner, and a Sastra Pratibha. When asked about his approach towards life, he smiles and quotes Lee, “Be water, my friend”.

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Student Director of  Organising Committee

Meet with Jaywanti Nambiar, Student Director of our Organising Committee. She is tranquil, full of enthusiasm, and can come out with tales. She is eager to use her vivacity and firepower to set foot in the world of MUN. Down the memory lane, she has proved her zeal and zest to be an asset by achieving countless awards for engaging in various non-scholastic activities. She is an ideal speaker and an ideal figurehead. Her hobbies include music which she has been keen on since childhood, picking up the violin at the tender age of 8 and reading. She has the ability to devour books at an astonishing speed, which she herself calls maniacal reading. MUNs helped her express her passion, form her thoughts and opinions in factual ways making her judicious for team environments. These pertinent skills make her the ideal candidate for this position.


Head of Logistics

Serene, meticulous and benevolent is Hiral Gabhane, The Head of Logistics of ISBMUN 2021. The towering intellectual possesses hobbies counting yoga, travelling, painting, cycling, and dancing. She is a peace-loving individual who desires to see each one encircling her and herself be happy. The figure has engaged and won many awards in dancing. Academically, she’s been a perfect student and documented to be an asset to our school. With her brother’s persuasion, the doors of MUN opened up for her a year back. This experience metamorphosed her from a diplomatic, nervous 11th grader to a confident, bold 12th grader, ready to take the lead. This platform helped her underline her personality, observe her situations, form her school of thinking, and lay down her prepositions. Being analytical and detail-oriented certify her to be the ideal candidate for her post.

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Head of Public Relations

Pritha Sharma, the Head of Public Relations, is a fun, spirited and dedicated individual. Strategic and responsive, she is known by her peers for her fun and adventurous personality. “Sports teaches you character, it teaches you about the ups and downs of life and makes you a better person”. Pritha is a good example to showcase this statement. She is a three time national level athlete and her diverse sporting achievements span basketball, athletics, swimming, and badminton, which she excels at as well as other sports. Her biggest motivation is the Indian Army, whose drive, strength, and unity inspires her. And along with sports, she is also deeply passionate about music. From her long list of hobbies like reading, playing musical instruments, horse riding, beach walks, etc., it is evident that she is very lively and dynamic. 
In this pandemic scenario, we all had to make a lot of adjustments. Most of our events took place on a screen. events. Looking back on her first MUN experience, which took place online, Pritha recalls being was super nervous, but also excited at the same time. Her drive, vigor and energy make her an integral part of the Admin team of ISBMUN 2021.


Head of Media

Sairaj Lakade, the Head of Media is someone with a fondness for collaborating with new people. Described by his peers as someone who is creative, he takes pride in his ability to come up with novel and original ideas. As an exceptional team leader, he is confident in his abilities, as well as in the abilities of his team members.

With a great eye for detail, Lakade is passionate about photography. Pushed towards the world of cameras by his peers, MUNs gave him the perfect opportunity to enhance his skills in the field.
When asked about his motive for applying for this position, he explained that being the head of media gives him the chance to not just lead the media team to new heights, but also to learn and acquire new skills. An innovative and resourceful individual, Lakade is dedicated to his role in this year's MUN conference and plans to give all that he has got to make it a memorable one.

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Student Director of Research and Training

A stadium full of people seeing and hearing his music and singing along to it. This vision is what inspires Moyush Borah to get out of bed every morning and it is also what he is passionate about. The Student Director of Research and Training, he is known for being calm and composed under pressure and a rational thinker. He has the very admirable quality of making others feel better with his words alone, which is something very priceless and unique. His peers describe him as funny, cool and an initiator of sorts. As mentioned before, his passion for music - music that unifies people - is profound. He is also interested in aviation - being a pilot and soaring above the skies. He loves to binge watch and swims and cycles frequently.
Moyush says that it was pure curiosity that made him attend his first ever MUN conference. He remembers procrastinating a lot and struggling through his opening speech. Despite being nervous, he was amazed at how the then admin team members spoke so seamlessly in front of a crowd. He was inspired by them and worked hard on improving his speaking skills. Moyush hopes that all the delegates will utilize what he had; a group of people to look up to and learn from, and a platform to become the best version of themselves. This is after all, the very spirit and essence of MUN.


Undersecretary of Research

Research is the spine of MUN conferences, fuels the debate and simultaneously finds their resolutions. This year we have Arushi Sabnis, Undersecretary of Research filling this position with her meticulous, creative and passionate temperament. She may come off as a very sophisticated and bossy person at first, strike a conversation and she can light up the place with her energy and cheerfulness. Reading has been her constant companion, she’s one who delves deep into anything she’s curious about and that gifted her, her ability to switch up regular situations into mystical, straight-out-of-a-renaissance scenarios. MUNs have reserved a very important part of her heart, though she started off as being intimidated by the talents in her council, now she can proudly claim that those experiences and people she has met through them have shaped her personality. Her fascination and engrossment in resolving affairs and unapologetic opinions have helped her be the talented orator that she is, outlining the team of ISBMUN.

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Undersecretary of Training

The very first MUN is vital in shaping our views on the world of MUN. Every year a squad of seniors furnish this flawless training. Our newest addition to this team is Roshni Korlekar, Undersecretary of Training of ISBMUN 2021! Being humble, ever-loving and empathetic she grows instant positivity in everyone and everybody. Her sunshine-like persona plants a smile on anyone with her presence alone. She is ardent on giving to others and is effecting quite that by assisting the budding orators with her position. She is fond of gardening, reading and writing. She’s zealous about singing and is humming a tune day and night. She was always exposed to public speaking which induced a glimmer in her and she feels it is the road to give voice to her beliefs. During the course of her school hood she has been victorious in poetry writing, speeches, debates, singing and the list goes on. MUNs are home to her, where she belongs, where she shines. Her cheerful spirit will live to be a strength to the triumph of the forthcoming event.


Undersecretary of Procedures

Charismatic and bold, Suraj Sajeevan is the Undersecretary of Procedures for this year's MUN conference. Someone who is always up for a challenge, Sajeevan has had his heart set on being a part of the admin team since his first ever experience. "It's a truly different feeling, being a part of the brains and hands of the conference that just shape it up and bring out the best, year after year," he says.
Having come a long way from his first MUN back in 2018, Sajeevan proudly declares that he is not the shy and anxious kid he used to be 3 years ago. Gathering confidence from his previous success as both a delegate and chair, he assures that he, along with his team, have done their best in all their tasks.

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Head of Crisis

Karthik Akana, Head of Crisis, is communicative, clever, curious and optimistic. When asked by his friends, they would say that he is a driven and determined individual. His energy and optimism makes him an amazing asset to the admin team. Travelling is what he is passionate about. After all, life is short and world is wide! Learning about different cultures and experiencing new cuisines, lifestyles, art and heritage makes life all the more exciting. Karthik enjoys playing sports, playing video games and reading.

Karthik recalls being anxious and nervous but also thrilled and excited during his first MUN. He hilariously admits that the prospect of skipping classes and delicious food is what made him attend the conference for the first time.


 Head of Finance

Divyesh Mohapatra, the Head of Finances, describes himself as a capable and competent individual. Never one to back down from a challenge, he is always ready to give his all to accomplish any task given to him and takes pride in being able to express his views freely and without hesitation. Also a very imaginative individual, Mohapatra happens to have a flair for literature and world-building, often writing up stories involving horror and sci-fi.
A very determined and strong-willed person, he promises to make sure that all the monetary resources are taken care of appropriately and that the conference this year turns out to be a successful and memorable one.When asked to give a word of advice to the delegates, he reminds them that MUN is not a one-time thing, but rather a learning experience. He emphasizes that not succeeding the first time does not mean they have failed. Admitting that he himself used to be afraid of public speaking, he assures that it gets better after the first time.

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Secretariat Member

“I was brave and energetic, and I grabbed every chance I got to speak.”

This is what patient, diligent and observant Roshel Paul had to say about her first ever MUN experience. It was her brother who pushed and inspired her to start participating in MUNs, promising her that she would love it and she surely did.

Her confidence and energy makes her a vibrant and perfect candidate for her role in the admin team. She enjoys binge-watching, dancing and organizing. She has proved herself to be quite multitalented and has shown herself to be a highly capable leader who excels in various leadership positions. Her friends would describe her as a weird, loud, and exuberant person, who has a knack for staying calm under pressure. Roshel reveals that she aspires to bring a huge change to this world and to become a role model to many. As the Secretariat Member of ISBMUN 2021, she wishes that all the delegates and other participants have a very knowledgeable and fun experience.