4th ISBMUN Conference



Secretary General

Stood facing a team of sixteen, each member eager and excited and gushing with ideas never initiated before, she chains every thought together like a constellation and steers the ISBMUN Team into achieving the highest of goals. They see in her a friend, a mentor, and most importantly, a leader. Falak Syed stands fierce and persuasive as the Secretary General of ISBMUN 2019. Whether it is her loud laugh or her pacing back and forth when in the thick of a meeting, she knows when to take a step back, laugh at her shortcomings, grow and learn from them. Often found getting lost in the beautiful intricacies of poetry, she has tried her hand at writing some of her own. She has resolved that perhaps, one day, she will have explored every corner of the world.

On how MUNs helped her grow out of her shell, she says: “I carry my nervousness and fears towards expressing myself like a well-hidden secret under my sleeve. Ultimately, there's no amount of nervousness that can be an obstacle on the path to discovering the person you can transform into.”


Deputy Secretary General

When with Zinnia Fernandes, the Deputy Secretary General of ISBMUN 2019, there’s surely never a moment you don’t find yourself throwing your head back and laughing. Always excited to help and take charge, she is funny, clever and charged with ideas, be it as a leader or a mere companion. Having made her mark in several conferences to date as a quicksilver delegate and a Chairperson, she strives to know, learn, explore and grow. She is undaunted and confident with her opinions and always open to take a walk beyond to the boundless intricacies of ideas hidden deep within the minds of people around her. Finding it best to express herself in hues of colours and specks of ink dotting her fingertips, she loves drawing and painting.

On how MUNs have helped her, she shares, “The shaking, the sweating; it never goes away. But bit by bit, it gets better. MUN started out as something I was so fascinated by, yet so scared of. After having mastered the courage to speak in front of a classroom, I can now speak in front of hundreds of people, my fingers shaking slightly but for certain, a confident smile on my face.”



Student Director - Organizing Committee

Arvindh, the greatly revered Student Director of the Organizing Committee, shines brightest when under pressure. He epitomizes the very essence of an Admin Team member; stern, firm, knows when to step back and laugh at his mistakes. He is very dedicated and always eager to help his team out. His ability to talk about anything and everything under the sun with anyone and everyone, makes him stand out in a crowd; sharp-witted, funny and warm. With a backpack slung onto his shoulders and his hands clutching his trusty camera, he strives to learn, seek and explore the most obscure corners of the world. Besides being a skilled, persuasive speaker, he enjoys producing music and dancing. "The drive to let your voice heard,” he says, “paired with the adrenaline, that's your sharp selling point to having a great MUN conference.”


Undersecretary - Administration

With razor-edged wits and spine wrought with discipline, Hamza Karani the Under-Secretary Administration, is a man in love with his work. He is a person of extremely high caliber and aims for success, putting in the hundred percent needed. Being extremely well-accustomed to holding impressive positions in the Prefectorial Council multiple times, he has a dedicated and unfaltering approach to work. He walked into his first MUN Conference with twenty-five minutes training prior to it, stuttered and stammered his way through sixteen hours, and walked out with his first ever award. “More of a parent than a friend, really,” said his friends, Hamza stands tall as a boulder to protect those he loves the most.
About the importance of MUNs, he says: “Most importantly, MUNs help moulding one’s overall personality; by increasing diplomacy in an individual and also helping them become not only the best of speakers, but also the best of listeners.”



Undersecretary - Public Relations

With a mind ready to make a difference in the world someday, Fay Fareed, the Under-Secretary Public Relation (PR) for ISBMUN 2019, is well accredited for her intellect and her articulacy. With an experience of multiple MUNs, she has garnered praise from her peers for her cut-throat and on-point speaking. She is funny, smart always holding an aura of confidence and her signature megawatt smile, she is firm and silver-tongued about voicing her opinions. She can be often found strumming her guitar or kicking about the grounds playing football when not in the thick of debating or discussing her favourite music.  

With a passion to talk and interact with people, Fay has only one advice for the coming delegates, “The quiet, meek delegate hiding behind her placard is going to be destroying debates tomorrow while her co-delegates gape in awe. Perfection always comes in bits, one MUN at a time.”


Undersecretary - Hospitality

Headstrong and determined she is, the Under Secretary Hospitality of ISBMUN 2019, Ameesha Sudheer. With many honourable mentions and a Best Speaker award under her belt, she is a gifted speaker. She views MUN as an exclusive platform to develop and improve one’s speaking, leadership and interaction and to improve critical-thinking skills. With an impressive palate, she runs her own food blog, which receives undying support from her followers. A reliable soul, she completes any given tasks with dignity and efficiency. To the eager delegates, she advises: “Seize every opportunity you get to speak and convey to the people whatever you feel is right. Because at the end of the day what matters is the fact that you went far beyond the walls of your comfort zone and achieved the unattainable.”



Head Of Finance

Sherene, bearer of the Head of Finance, fondly recalls shivering and praying to every known god the night before her first ever MUN conference. Throughout the jam-packed training sessions, she eagerly noted down every piece of advice from her trainers. “I may or may not have tripped once on my way to the podium. Twice. Maybe thrice. But hey, what feels better than going home with a feeling of ‘I did this’?” It was the start of something nerve wracking, scary and something exciting. In her second MUN conference, Sherene debated fearlessly amidst her fellow delegates and played an important part of the Finance Team, to which she owes her position of Head Of Finance. She can be found singing to her heart’s content and surrounded by a clutter of paper and scissors, finessing her way through a craft project. Responsible, hard-working and driven by the passion to live up to her unattainably high standards, rightfully so, Sherene is one amongst the sixteen pillars bringing ISBMUN 2019 into being.


Head Of Security

" To be a better speaker, to be a better citizen and ultimately, to be a better person,” is the motto Akash Pillai, the Head of Security of ISBMUN 2019, lives by. He is stern, just, authoritative, dutiful and most importantly, a great friend. Always eager to extend a helping hand to any stressed member of the Admin Team, he is well-loved by all. He has a natural aptitude for being reliable and responsible. Being the school band Major, he can be found with a pair of earphones plugged in, and humming a song, “Which does not subject to any actual talent at singing, but oh well,” he adds. He enjoys playing badminton and playing video games. Having persevered and ended up being one of the influential minds, he has set the standards ambitiously high for the upcoming conference. Truly, he epitomizes the very essence of one of the pillars of ISBMUN; unswerving and confident.



Head Of Media

“Perhaps, it was when I met a version of me I didn't know I could be; the not-confident-but-almost-there Ritika, the Ritika who was actually interested in global concerns. I have a long way to go, I can't wait to meet other versions of me,” says Ritika Sagar, the Head of Media. She is known for her quirky sense of humor and her opinionated, unflinching approach to come what may. Her artistic mind and productive spirit has made her the right person to take the position of Head of media. She loves reading and discovering rare gems of underrated music and trying her hand at cooking, which inevitably, goes wrong. A student of the Bio Math stream, she has set her eyes becoming a surgeon and perhaps, settling down in a quaint beach house with multiple puppies.

When asked about what it is like to be the Head of Media, she says “Being under the umbrella term of Admin Team of ISBMUN 2019 is an echo of how each one of us are in this with the same motive: to give this our best and make this the best.”


Student Director - Research and Training

Perhaps it was during his first MUN conference, when the frustration that follows a failed resolution hit him. Perhaps, it was when the adrenaline charged through him, all eyes fixated on him at the podium. Be it Shahnawaz Baig’s first conference as a delegate or first conference as a Chairperson, MUNs truly demonstrate that he shines the brightest under pressure. The Student Director of Organizing Committee says: “The blend of enjoyment and productivity is addicting. It makes you want to keep attending conferences, until you finally get your hands on one of those Best Delegate certificates.” He enjoys talking to his friends, watching F1 and keeping himself updated on global events.



Undersecretary - Procedures

“You go to an MUN and suddenly, the leader in you emerges and you come to meet a version of you that is iron-willed and in the driving seat of the council,” says Alanis, the Under-Secretary Procedure of ISBMUN 2019. She’s been to six MUN conferences to date, each one helping her evolve into the best version of herself she strives to be. With many Honorary Mentions under her belt, nothing pleases Alanis more than sharing the perils of the debating world with new and eager delegates. With a saccharine-sweet smile and a loud laugh, she has a laid back and blue-sky approach to every task she wishes to execute; determined, relaxed and unrivalled. She is often found nose-deep into books and perfecting the piano virtuoso within her.

As a part of the Admin Team of ISBMUN 2019, she advises: “When in a council, look around you. The fifteen other delegates are just as nervous as you are. Allow your personality do the speaking, not your binder.”


Undersecretary - Training

With an undying passion to influence the young, keen leaders of tomorrow, Dhara Joshi upholds the title of Under-Secretary Training with great pride and fire. “MUNs go far beyond sitting in a classroom and debating,” she says, “Nowhere else can you find a platform better than this to observe, learn and rise victorious.” Dhara is fearless while she takes charge and works relentlessly to live up to her own expectations. Confident, unapologetic and honest; there's nothing that can hold her back from achieving the highest of highs. To channel stress into productivity and creativity, she plays badminton and paints. Be it as a delegate, a chairperson or a member of the Admin team, she strives to learn and inflame a change. Without a shadow of a doubt, being a part of Research & Training is just another one of the many wayward adventures that will come her way.



Undersecretary - Research

From gulping down incessant amounts of water (“A rising cause of concern to my Chairpersons, essentially,” he says) and stuttering his way through debates to being one of the best assets to the ISBMUN Team, Gaurav Chawla, the Under Secretary Research has certainly come a long way. Funny, quick-witted and mercilessly competitive, he takes immense pleasure in researching the vast intricacies of global concerns that often go by unnoticed. When working, he's always found joking around yet fully committed to the work at hand. With many MUN tales in his treasury, he plans to venture onto so many more, hoping to soak up every bit of knowledge and friendship he can along the way. He enjoys getting riddled in the pixelated world of gaming and playing football.
“Research, research and more research,” he stresses, “Make sure you’re thoroughly researched and well-informed on your topic. All that awaits you is a podium waiting for a voice ready to battle anyone and everyone.”


Head Of Crisis

Certainly, to Tushar Giri, the Head Of Crisis of ISBMUN 2019, it began just because he was looking for good food and some good company; he spent the day with his fingers-crossed and avoiding eye contact with his Chairpersons during the debate. Perhaps, it was the drive to keep attending conferences until he actually managed to not stutter and gape wide-eyed at the seated delegates, and let his wits do the talking is what made him become the Head Of Crisis—responsible, dedicated and eager to bring about the wildest ideas to existence. His creativity is boundless and limited by nothing. Friendly and funny, he is well-loved by the student body and rightfully has earned his position. Fascinated by the littlest of things, he enjoys reading, and getting lost in the pixelated universe of gaming.

To the keen delegates, he advises, “Your voice can do the talking and the convincing, but unique ideas will make you god amongst men in your council.”



Secretariat Member - 1

Namratha Prince, the Secretariat Member of ISBMUN 2019, believes that determination and relentless endeavours is the only ethos with which one should pursue their goals. With an ability to elicit new opinions and speak on any topic, she sure leaves an entire audience speechless. Her journey through MUNs may have been recent, but certainly, it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. She is friendly, intelligent and unflinching. She has had achieved many awards under her belt through her oral and speaking skills. While public-speaking and being self-assertive about her thoughts may seem like a territory fresh to her, she strives to make the most of it to become the poised and graceful version of herself she's always wanted to become. She is always found nose deep in books and and dancing to her heart's content.
To the delegates, she advises: "Muster up the courage, be bold and never back down. Whatever be the situation, clench your fingers and face it head-on.”


Secretariat Member - 2

Jyothi Krishnan, esteemed bearer of the position of Secretariat Member of the ISBMUN Admin Team, engulfs you in her bubbly character and enthusiasm and stands as a witty and strong individual. With an inclination towards storytelling, she indulged in public speaking at a very young age. Her MUN journey began when she heard her English teacher talking about it; she then went ahead to make her mark in multiple MUN conferences, as a delegate and as a Chairperson. “Pave your way out of it, if you can’t find one,” her seniors had advised. With these words of encouragement, she earned herself an award during her very first conference. Her words, ideas and opinions laced in unafraid hues, she isn’t the one to flinch or cower from a challenge. She is often found whipping her badminton racket and trying her hand at karate, having earned the black belt. Always beaming ear-to-ear, with the best of ideas waiting to come into existence, she is esteemed to be a part of the Admin Team of ISBMUN 2019.