3rd ISBMUN Conference



Secretary General

Vidyut is an enthralling public speaker and a natural born leader. He has made a mark in every MUN conference he has attended. He has held the previous posts of Head Boy, President of the Student’s Council and member of the Organization Committee of the ISBMUN 2017. A student of the commerce math stream, he wishes to pursue his zeal for cars and wants to start his own automobile business one day. He is a wonderful singer and enjoys cycling, baking and trying new burger joints.
When asked what he loves most about MUN’s he said, “MUN’s are a great platform where we get to meet so many diverse people with different ideas to help make one solid solution to an issue.”


Deputy Secretary General

An outgoing and charismatic persona, Sathma Abraham encapsulates the very spirit of ISBMUN. Having been the Literary Secretary and Cultural Secretary, Sathma is a very calm person who can handle any hurdle along the way with a stress-free attitude. She possesses a scintillating flair for playing the violin and can captivate any audience. A student of the Engineering Drawing stream, she aspires to become an Indian Foreign Service Officer. She is a Japanese food enthusiast and enjoys playing the piano, listening to music and reading.
Having been educated by participating in several councils such as EU, ICJ, Crisis and the Security Council, MUN’s, she affirms, are a great way of making one politically aware of several world issues in a way that no textbook or teacher can.



Student Director - Organizing Committee

A very dynamic, down to earth and positive person, Sneha can certainly be called an exceptional singer and speaker too. Her previous posts as President of the Gavels Club and Assistant Literary Secretary, has made her quite popular among her peers for her versatility and ability to make quick decisions unflinchingly. Currently a student in the Computer Science stream, she hopes to study electrical engineering and then join the Indian Foreign Services.
Sneha often spends her time playing the piano, painting and reading about politics. She has had quite interesting MUN experiences, having been a delegate in the Security Council for up to four times. Prominent personalities like Nelson Mandela and Emma Watson are few among her many role models.


Undersecretary - Logistics

Hriday Grover is the brains behind the immaculacy of ISBMUN. A nimble-witted individual, he is a sensational entertainer and is very often found under the spotlight, earning roars of laughter with his comedic anecdotes. He endeavours to educate himself endlessly on the herculean world of games, photography and all things tech. He has served as an accomplished swimmer in the ISB Clusters. A student of the Computer Science stream, he aspires to work in Google some day.
His detail-oriented, calculating eye makes him an excellent event organiser and he has set the standards impossibly high for the upcoming ISBMUN.



Undersecretary - Public Relations

“Timid and nervous were the adjectives that would describe me before being part of an MUN” remarks Krina. A jovial person who is always busy keeping her relations alive. An exceptionally well-organized, confident and beguiling leader who is an excellent communicator and an active listener.
Krina is known for her lively debates and has been the Best Speaker and Best Advocate at various MUN’s she has attended. She embraces everything related to art and is noted for her striking aesthetic sense. She loves travelling be it revelling breathtaking landscape or indulging in terrifying adventures.Krina is a computer science student and aspires to become an IT engineer.


Head Of Finance

Rahul is an unflappable person who maintains his calm even in the direst situation. A strategic planner and a dynamic persona who takes pleasure in tallying out endless balance sheets. Rahul is a hardcore gamer and resorts to games in all leisure time. Currently a student of the commerce math stream, Rahul aspires to become a Chartered Accountant.
Apart from being a seasoned musician and an adept dancer, he is a brilliant speaker and has won a number of speaker championships. Rahul
is deliberative, creative and responsible which makes him indeed an apt person to be at the helm of ISBMUN 2018 financial operations.



Head Of Media

A vibrant and exuberant Head of Media who is always keen to explore new opportunities- Sarah George. An exceptionally good listener who tries to avert all kinds of turbulence in the team and keeps the team spirit zooming high. Sarah is an avid reader and spends most of her time skimming through pages of a book. She is both a bibliomaniac and a technophile.
Sarah tells that she has thoroughly enjoyed her MUN journey right from the first one. Though MUN’s seemed scary to her at first, she continually increased her love for public speaking. Sarah is noted for being a person of meticulous planning which made her the perfect choice for Head of Media.


Head Of Security

Akshay is a man of the world, he is unswerving and motivated by a desire to attain excellence. Not one to back down and surrender to defeat, he is a skilled speaker, countering challenging arguments with impressive ease of mind. He prides his expertise in being stern while knowing when to let loose and enjoy the synergy of being around his loved ones.
He encompasses the qualities of an esteemed leader—rightfully earning him a spot amongst the dynamic, overzealous minds pulling together the ISBMUN 2018. An alternative music genre enthusiast, he is often found jamming to music, passionately discussing the underrated wonders of metal music.



Secretariat Member

Falak is a fierce and persuasive individual, famously known for her quick intellect and sharp humor. She possesses a natural aptitude for understanding conflicting global concerns and is assertive and unapologetic about her opinions. Her frenzied smile and quick-witted tongue is her sharp selling-point in making a mark in every conference.
When asked about her thoughts on the ISBMUN, she says “The intent behind creating awareness about issues that us teens are commonly ignorant to, it excites me. I truly feel like we could be progressing towards the greater good of humanity.”


Student  Director - Research and Training

Calm and composed with a great sense of humour- this is our Student Director of R&T. A great organiser who has an excellent eye for details and is fully committed to his work.He is an accomplished basketball player and is part of the school team that bagged the winning trophy during the 2017 Basketball Clusters. He says MUN’s have helped him overcome many of his introverted qualities in ways words cannot express.
Pranav is currently in the Computer Science stream and wishes to pursue a career in the IT field. His peers look up to him due to his impressive leadership skills and ability to keep his team running smoothly.



Undersecretary - Training

Bubbly and ebullient with an aura of sophistication- these may be the best words to describe our Under Secretary of Training. She often spends most of her time reading novels or writing poetry. Although she is now in the engineering drawing stream, she often remains undecided about future career paths since her ambitions change by the day. Having held the post of Assistant Head Girl for the year 2017-18 has made her quite popular for her ability to tackle any obstacle that comes her way, head first and with confidence. Her ability to keep a calm and organised demeanour while sending out good vibes even during times of stress has made her the perfect choice for the post of Under Secretary Training.


Undersecretary - Procedures

A scintillating and vibrant personage who believes in herself, Pooja Joshi.Her meticulous methodology in organizing events has made her the felicitous Head of Procedures for the upcoming ISBMUN. She is a happy go lucky girl who enkindles an air of positivity around her. She can be described as a photo artist who can see and capture images in a way that makes people wonderstruck at her unique vision.
Pooja quite happily admits that she is a foodie and a polyglot having mastered five languages at present. She is a student of the Bio math stream and dreams of becoming financially stable and wishes to go globetrotting with a jocund company along with her.



Undersecretary - Research

Nia Feren epitomizes compassion and diligence. She is astoundingly strong-willed and overzealous about helping and serving her people. Having had attended three MUN conferences to date, she is keen on clever reasoning and has impressed and influenced her fellow delegates.
When asked about the first MUN conference she had attended, she said “It was a confusing concoction of all things terrible and absolutely exhilarating—a taste I surprisingly found myself cherishing as I attended more and more MUNs.” When not in the midst of passionately discoursing about the current issues that concern the humankind, she is frequently found cooking up a storm in the kitchen.


Head Of Crisis

Ishita is a highly spirited and thoughtful personality, an eloquent speaker as well as an organizer. Being the head of crisis, her responsibilities are overwhelming yet she feels ecstatic about the researching that awaits. As a student of grade 12, she describes science as her domain and point of interest. Her deep rooted zeal to know the mysteries of nature makes her an aspiring Astrophysicist.
"I’ve seen the way MUN’s metamorphosis’ students from hysterical speakers to courageous orators. So I’m ready to encourage and train as many students as possible to be a part of MUN’s and bring out the best in them” remarked Ishita.