2nd ISBMUN Conference



Secretary General

Arjun Bingly has proved to be a gem of the Indian School Bahrain at most of the Model United Nations conferences held all over the island. He is known as the science wiz among his friends and has also served as the head boy in the year 2015-16. His immense love for MUNs made him one of the founders of the very first ISBMUN held last year. Being an excellent organiser and goal-oriented leader by nature this young man had fully dedicated his time and energy into providing one of the best MUN experiences as the Secretary General of the ISBMUN 2017.


Deputy Secretary General

Hailing from the city of Hyderabad this outstanding speaker has made his mark in every MUN conference he has been to. He was introduced to the Model UN as a ninth grade student and he quickly fell in love with the activity. He is a person with amazing taste in music and also exhibits great finesse in playing the tabla. Apart from being a marvellous orator, Shobhit has also proved his expertise in swimming and tennis. As the Deputy Secretary General of the ISBMUN 2017, Shobhit managed to put on a great show.



Student Director - Organizing Committee

"A person with a solution to all problems!" "Friend who is always there at our beck and call!" Ask anyone about Sanjog and this is what one would hear. That sums up almost everything about this energetic young man's character. Due to his dedicated approach to every responsibility he takes up, Sanjog has successfully played major roles in organising various events in and outside the school. He is a very frank and straightforward person and always seems ready to face the worst of the worst with a pleasant attitude which makes him fit to hold the post of the Student Director (OC) of the ISBMUN 2017. He truly proved to be an asset to this great event with his commitment and hard work.


UnderSecretary - Public Relations

As her name suggests, she is indeed incomparable. Being part of various MUNs over the past two years has helped her gain the knowledge and experience to face and convince a crowd with her oratory skills and unique charm. She has mastered the art of dancing and has won various awards and many hearts with her magical feet. Her most attractive quality is that one can never find her without a smiling and friendly face, which made her the perfect Public Relations in charge.



Head of Media

Gauri Anil, with her charismatic personality, could be called an all rounder. She has always managed to maintain a perfect balance between her academics and extracurricular activities. As a trained singer, she has enchanted many crowds with her beautiful voice. Gauri held the post of the head girl in the year 2015-16 and has proved to be a great organiser by working for many major events round the clock. She has also proved her natural ability in public speaking by bagging the Best Delegate award in her very first MUN. Her integrity and diplomacy made her the best choice for the Head of Media.


Secretariat Member

Even though he is the youngest of the lot, he is definitely the most enthusiastic and dedicated member of the Admin Team. He could be called "hawk eyes" based on his keen observation skills and ability to pick on details. He has a mesmerizing voice and has mastered the handling of various musical instruments. Vidyut is known and loved for his extremely friendly and approachable character and his ability to make everyone around him feel comfortable. He possesses the quality of conveying messages in an emphatic but charming way which makes him an excellent leader. Vidyut has put in all his dedicated efforts to make ISBMUN 2017 a memorable event.



Student Director - Research and Training

A perfect blend of sophistication, bubbliness and entertainment. That's exactly how anyone would describe this friendly soul. A very talented singer by nature and more importantly a stunning performer, Anoshka manages to captivate any size of audience. She has nurtured and developed her eloquence by taking part in most of the MUN conferences held across Bahrain. Her friends describe her as someone who can handle any kind of situation with a tension free attitude and makes sure the positivity in herself is properly infected to everyone around. As the Student Director (R&T), this vivacious girl played a major role in making the ISBMUN 2017 such a grand success.


Undersecretary - Procedures

Her timely wit and charm clearly makes her the namesake of the right goddess. Athena has been taking part in MUN conferences over the past 3-4 years and has made her mark in every one of them. Her confidence and benevolent diposition are what makes her herself. She is known to be a very supportive and encouraging friend who always prioritize the well being and comfort of those around her. Athena was a great host to every excited MUNer at the ISBMUN 2017.



Head Of Crisis

A person with an extraordinary sense of humour, his attempts to spread joy always manage to bring a smile to everyone's faces no matter how hard or frustrating the situation might be. Being possessor of this rare quality is not his only trademark. He is well known for the extreme confidence and ease with which he presents a matter before a crowd. Vinoy started public speaking at a very young age and his years of experience and huge reserve of ideas and knowledge is quite evident in his way of presentation. Vinoy did an extremely commendable job as a chairperson at the ISBMUN 2017


Undersecretary - Research

It's really hard to spot this youngster not wearing his high spirited and radiant smile. A very talented beatboxer, singer and guitarist, this amazing performer has also demonstrated his proficiency in public speaking by making himself heard and noticed at every MUN conference he has been to. His happy-go-lucky nature and amiable approach to colleagues make him quite desirable. As the Under Sec. (Research), Syed has made amazing contributions to the success of the ISBMUN 2017.



Undersecretary - Training

A finely tuned young man with a positive approach to almost everything. From what his friends say about him, one could conclude that Aniruddh is a very sensitive and caring person and that he has mastered the flair of becoming and remaining everyone's favourite. His charisma and individuality has helped him stand out in every crowd and this makes him an ideal MUNer any new bee can look up to.


Head Of Security

A bold, dashing young man with the perfect physique and mental power to handle any kind of situation. That's what made Sharan perfect for the post. His dedicated and hardworking nature helped in the smooth functioning of the ISBMUN 2017. The security team excellently lead by this youngster made sure everybody had an easy, tension free debating environment. He has played an irreplaceable role in the success of the event.