An educational simulation of the United Nations, it encourages the students to solve real world issues whilst roleplaying as delegates of various UN committees—WHO, SOCHUM and ICC to name a few. Initiated by the determined minds of the Indian School Bahrain, the Indian School Bahrain Model United Nations is a diplomatic platform where students are trained to become knowledgeable speakers.

It is a two-day conference where hundreds of eager students come together to debate over pressing global issues. Every student is allotted a council which is a simulation of a real UN committee, where they participate in a thorough discussion of the issue chosen for the day. Open to newcomers as well as experienced delegates, the energetic debates will improve qualities within the students such as reasoning, quick-thinking and ability to work with conflicting and similar ideas. Prior to the conference, students will be offered a wide-ranging array of resources, like background guides created by the Chairpersons, journals and online content, to perfect their delegation and researching skills. In addition to this, the students will receive training by expert MUN-goers of the newly-formed ISBMUN Club where they are educated on complex world concerns in a simplified, enjoyable manner.

Our Mission

  • To educate students about global concerns and functioning of the United Nations, with the hope of making them informed and responsible citizens.

  • To enhance speaking, debating, coordination skills of the students in a healthy and constructive manner—allowing them to present their ideas to an audience with a respectful approach.

  • To provide a friendly and political platform where every conflicting opinion is accepted, reviewed and debated by the delegates with top-tier diplomacy.

  • To provide an educational and rewarding MUN experience for the delegates, with all necessary amenities provided at an affordable fee.

  • To bring about in the delegates a sense of responsibility as global citizens to mould a secure, humanitarian world for the generations of tomorrow.