6th ISBMUN Conference

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Voluble and conversational, Riva Desai is one of the chairpersons for the World Health Organisation council. Regarded as perky and easy-going by her friends, Riva is also an excellent pianist, having composed her own song on the piano.
As someone who values health, Riva believes that working on the development of more health measures and means is of the essence, especially since the pandemic. Although she was really shy and quiet during her first MUN, barely speaking the first day, she now fearlessly states her opinion and raises her hand to every motion. She is determined to have loads of fun debates with her delegates at this year’s MUN conference.


Charismatic and bold, Suraj Sajeevan is the co-chairperson of WHO for this year's MUN conference. Someone who is always up for a challenge, Sajeevan has had his heart set on being a part of the admin team since his first ever experience. "It's a truly different feeling, being a part of the brains and hands of the conference that just shape it up and bring out the best, year after year," he says.
Having come a long way from his first MUN back in 2018, Sajeevan proudly declares that he is not the shy and anxious kid he used to be 3 years ago. Gathering confidence from his previous success as both a delegate and chair, he assures that he, along with his team, have done their best in all their tasks.

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