5th ISBMUN Conference




Day 1 : Does Sherlock Holmes Go to extremes to solve his cases?

Any Sherlockean would have had this thought occur to them at least once. It has been seen that time and time again, Sherlock never leaves any stone unturned to prove his point, which often endangers his life as well as those of others. Despite countless near-death experiences, Sherlock never learns from his mistakes. However, we cannot ignore the fact that, despite the high risk involved with his modus operandi, he usually gets the job done and solves his cases with a rather magnificent flair.  Undeterred by the criticism given by the people he meets whilst helping the police who disagree and choose to  side with the orthodox way of solving a case, Sherlock Holmes is indeed a valuable asset to the Scotland Yard, even with his questionable approaches to solving a crime.

The council must debate upon the pros and cons of the methods used by the remarkable Mr. Holmes and hence, must ultimately arrive at a conclusion which determines whether or not the tactics and approaches Sherlock Holmes comes up with are competent and acceptable to a considerable extent.

Day 2 : The Final Mystery


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