6th ISBMUN Conference



Nanditha Dileep, the co-chair of UNHRC is known for her determination, talkativeness, drive, and her ability to think on her feet. Her lively demeanor, and her ability to initiate conversation is what makes her shine. She regards her superpower as being able to talk about anything and everything and is friendly and welcoming. One of her biggest interests is writing, which is something she loves to do. She also enjoys listening to music and reading. Nanditha’s friends describe her as an energetic, thoughtful, supportive person who is there for you no matter what. When asked about what she aspires to become, she simply said “someone who makes a difference”. She is deeply passionate about global politics and international affairs, which is evident from her interest in MUNs, having attended 22 of them. As she is a vibrant orator and a brilliant writer, she has many accomplishments in the areas of short story writing, essay writing, poetry writing, poetry recitation, debates, speech, and declamation. Nanditha recalls her first MUN experience with a smile. Her seniors had bribed her with the prospect of good food, and she also remembers being so nervous that she even considered faking a medical emergency to get out of her council. Since then, she has become more confident, active, and diligent after having so much experience now.


The opportunity to skip classes and the chance to try out something new is what urged the co-chair of UNHRC, Devika Suresh to try out for her first MUN. Even though she was scared and nervous to voice her thoughts, she ended up having a great time. Everything she saw amazed her – the food, the speakers, the energy, and the overall experience. With every conference, she became more informed and confident, and her love for international relations deepened. She is funny, kind, chatty and creative, and she always tries to make the best out of any situation. Her friendly disposition and positivity makes her someone who can mingle with people very easily. Her sometimes weird choices in outfits and badly timed jokes is what makes her stand out in a room. Her friends would describe her as a helpful, witty, clumsy, loyal and energetic person. Devika is a person with many interests, and enjoys reading, writing, dancing, drawing, watching tv series and movies and making playlists among many other things. She is passionate about sitcoms, literature, art, good food, Harry Potter, superheroes, books, and international affairs. She considers her resourcefulness and ever inquisitive nature as her biggest superpowers. As someone who likes to keep herself busy and takes part in a lot of activities, Devika has won awards in many fields like dance, story writing, essay writing, general trivia, poetry, and public speaking, and was also a Shastra Pratibha winner. She aspires to be happy, content and somewhat successful in her life.