5th ISBMUN Conference




North Korean Attack Crisis

The Committee is presented with a crisis in the form of a potentially hostile demonstration of nuclear strength from North Korea. A nuclear missile test was just conducted in the vicinity of US waters. What has long been an issue of humanitarian concern has now been turned into a real-life issue which demands immediate addressal and recourse. This is a matter of safety and sovereignty of the United States of America, and utmost priority must be given to diffuse the situation. Negotiations are held with the North Korean government, who respond with certain terms of peace; which include help lifting of all sanctions imposed and the United States pressuring the UN to allow North Korea to keep its nuclear arsenal, in exchange for peace and assurance of no further acts of hostility. The goal of the council is very simple – to provide an apt response to a North Korean attack, and to address any further threat. The delegates must discuss and debate on how to proceed with political, military and economic movement as pertains to the nation of North Korea. It must also be kept in mind that every decision/movement made should be with the intention of maintaining minimum loss and ultimately maintain international peace.

The committee must work in tandem to ensure maximum efficiency to avoid any potential dispute. Members must primarily focus on peace and negotiate terms that do not undermine the security of the United States of America. Every member will be required to think on their feet and be ready for whatever crisis arc that may appear during council. The vast scope of possible outcomes is in itself a thriller. But ultimately, the delegates must come to a conclusion of negotiating and debating, one that could seal the fate of millions of citizens. 


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